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Hello, I am looking to your monthly reports and also daily progress pages and have to say your results are very impressive.
Actually, what is even more impressive is that you have very few losing trades. Would be cast more light on your methodology.
Especially, how do you select trades? Do you use any patterns or indicators? Do you use stop-loss orders?

Also the graphic on your monthly reports looks nice. Could you share what software you use to generate those?

Thanks and good luck for your future trades,

Hello Ivan! Unfortunately, I do not have an alert system. My site is informational only. However, you cab email me anytime for help and guidance. Please send me a message through the contact link on my site. Thanks!

Just curious how much you’re spending a typical day to make these gains. When I’m spending around 80K in a day, I make a thousand or more usually. Are you scalping mostly?

That’s a great question! To be honest, I’ve never done the math. I’d say on average I spend around $5k for every investment, and I make 14 trades per day on average. So I usually put up around $60k every day. Some days are less and some days are more. Yes, around 95% of my trades are scalps with the occasional hold overnight.

That’s amazing to me and i guess I don’t understand how options trading works but I’m putting up to 80k on the line to make this much money daily. I may do more trades with less money around 20-30k but still using much more than you are. I need to study options trading more. I try to avg $300 a day. 20 days a month. I like to reward myself with going out for a really good meal often too when I don’t feel like doing it. It’s cool you like to share the feeling you get. It really is a feeling you want to share with people because you want to see others gaining financial freedom. I’d love to teach more of my friends. It would be cool to form a trader group with successful day traders and travel together to exotic places while still day trading, go on cruises, rent great airbnbs to share, etc.

One of the reasons I really like Options is because you risk a lot less money per trade and you’re able to make much more in the process. When I first started trading years ago I only invested in common stock, but I quickly discovered you couldn’t invest in high quality stocks that were expensive unless you invested a substantial amount of money (which I didn’t have), so I found myself investing in risky stocks and that didn’t work out well. Options really changed everything for me.

You’re absolutely right! I want to see everyone become financially secure and free. That’s why I have this blog. I answer so many emails every day trying my best to provide advice so that maybe others can do the same, and live a better life as a result.

Traveling and trading is actually a longer term goal of mine… once the kids move out lol

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